Derek was introduced to tattooing at a very young age and has never looked back.
A veteran of the Toronto tattoo scene, Derek has worked at some of the most well known studios in the city, along side some of Toronto’s best tattooers.
He started his career with Gary Chynne of Studio One learning the basics, listening to the great stories from Gary and meeting some of the local tattooers.
Since then Derek has worked with memorable names in tattooing like Chris David, Andrew Warren, Mike LeDrew, Thor, Pauline Zahalan, Crazy Ace Daniels, Dave Daniels, Anthony Orsatti and David Glantz to today where he now owns Lewis Family Tattoo Company.
Derek also works in film and television, as well as print, providing artwork, temporary tattooing, and consulting.
Derek sees art as self-improvement, a mirror in which one can look and see what’s missing, what’s lacking and what can be improved on.


2235 Dundas St W